[Rake-devel] synthesizing namespaces and tasks

Jim Weirich jim at weirichhouse.org
Sat May 26 19:42:05 EDT 2007

jeanpierre at gmail.com wrote:
 > hi list -
 > i'm wondering if there is a good way to dynamically create
 > namespaces and tasks. currently, i have an ugly string
 > generation to eval code that wraps an Xcode project's
 > targets/configurations, but i would have to imagine
 > there is a better way. looking at the rdocs (for the first
 > time), i see a define_task method which sounds good, are there
 > any examples of this in use?

Actually, it's much easier than that.

The following bit of code synthesizes creates 10 tasks where task t(n)
depends on t(n-1), except for t0 which depends on nothing:

     task :t0

     (1..9).each do |i|
       task "t#{i}" => "t#{i-1}" do |t|
         puts t.name

No need to delve into define_task and all that.

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