[Rake-devel] Tasks to aid installation?

Hugh Sasse hgs at dmu.ac.uk
Wed Jun 20 14:04:19 EDT 2007

On Wed, 20 Jun 2007, Mat Schaffer wrote:

> What's the goal here?  Being able to build Glark on windows?  You  

My immediate goal is to build it on *native* windows. But it would
help me, and would be the next step, if I could leave things so that
is it easier for others to build glark on Windows.  [In particular,
if I can send patches that are accepted, then I can pass the next
release to someone and say "take these few steps to install it" then
use it in helping them with the problem that got me here in the
first place.]

> probably need cygwin.  If you're trying to build an installer for  
> windows for other people, you might want to consider just a zip file  

Yes, a Zip file is part of my plan.  Currently glark is distributed
as a tar file and an RPM.

> of pre-compiled binaries or something like that.  Either way, I don't  

Binaries, AFAICS are not needed, glark is pure ruby.  It's getting
rake to put things in the right place on a system that is not my own
that is the issue for me at the moment.  So therefore my questions
about tasks that come with Rake which I can't immediately see.

> get the feeling rake is the magic bullet you're looking for.

It's not a magic bullet, it is an alternative to Make, which is
how I am trying to use it.  Having decided to use it, I'd like
to use it effectively.
> Also any specific error messages, or feedback from the glark people  
> might help.

There are no error messages: I've not used their installer because it
is clearly stated therein that it is for systems that use RPMs, 
such as Linux:


# defaults to nothing; set by RPM during building of RPMs

And having read the existing Makefile, converting it to Windows
whilst keeping it compatible would be a pain.  I also aim NOT to
break anything.  Adding a Rakefile for used instead of a Makefile
leaves existing infrastructure intact.  This seems to follow "first,
do no harm".

I've already stated that I emailed Jeff about this in the past,
but since he hasn't addressed the Windows case, the best way to 
proceed would be to attempt this myself.  He has accepted constructive
suggestions and the odd patch from me before.  I'm probably the 
only person pestering him about Windows anyway.

> -Mat

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