[Rake-devel] Eleminating the need for repackage and rerdoc ?

TRANS transfire at gmail.com
Sun Feb 4 22:59:14 EST 2007

The PackageTask and the RdocTask both create re-renditions of the main
task in order to force the creation of packages or rdocs that already
exist. Personally, I just did

  Rake::Task['rerdoc'].comment = nil
  task :rdoc => [:clobber_rdoc]

Perhaps that's considered dangerous for some reason? If so why not
just ask the user if they're sure if they want to contiue or not?

Another possibility. What about using a --force option on the command
line to do a re-task.


  $ rake rdoc
  rdocs at doc/ already exist. Use --force to rerdoc.

  $ rake rdoc --force

Not sure, but it does seem kind of a waste to have two tasks that
essentailly do the very same thing.

Food for thought,

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