[Rake-devel] Multi-part extensions in rules?...

Stuart Hungerford stuart.hungerford at anu.edu.au
Mon Apr 2 20:07:55 EDT 2007


I'm using Rake to build various versions of some image files and
would like to setup a Rake rule like this:

rule ".50.png" => [".tiff"] do |r|
    # do stuff with r

The rest of the Rakefile sets up a bunch of file tasks where a
".50.png" depends on a ".tiff" file.  However Rake doesn't seem
to recognize those rules for me and I'm not sure why, so I tried
a more general regex based rule:

rule(/\.50\.png$/ => [".tiff"]) do |r|
     # do stuff with r

And that doesn't seem to be recognized either.  I think I'm
missing something essential about how rules and file tasks
work. Can anyone shine a little light on this for me?




Stuart Hungerford
ANUSF Data Intensive Projects

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