[Rake-devel] Specifying a tar command for a GemPackageTask

Jim Weirich jim at weirichhouse.org
Wed Nov 8 11:31:37 EST 2006

Daniel Berger said:
> Ideally, Rake should use a bonafide wrapper around libtar since there may
> come a point where someone on Solaris (or some other commerical UNIX
> platform) may not have the luxury of using GNU tar.  [...]

I strongly agree.

> I did create a project called archive-tar-external a while back that might
> be useful in the interim, but I'm not sure how you feel about 3rd party
> packages being used within Rake.  If you're interested, I could refactor
> that bit of code.  If not, I understand.

I don't mind if it is configurable.

Perhaps what would be best if there was a "tar" object that the package
used.  The default tar object could continue to use the shell tar command
to do the work, but it would allow an alternate tar object to use a pure
ruby library.

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