[Rake-devel] Package tasks

Tilman Sauerbeck tilman at code-monkey.de
Sat Mar 18 09:28:53 EST 2006

Luke Kanies [2006-03-13 16:05]:
> I'm using Rake to build packages for a few different projects of mine[1],
> and I'm finding that the package task as not really set up to go well with
> how packages really work.
> In particuar, it makes no mention of binary directory, library directories,
> man page directories, or any of the standard file locations.  Would there be
> any interest in a reworked package task that used the rbconfig variables and
> required that users specify binaries, libraries, etc, storing them
> accordingly?

I think you don't understand what Rake's PackageTask is supposed to do.

It's supposed to build a tarball/zip archive that contains stuff in your
source tree. So it doesn't need to know where the system stores
libraries or man pages...


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