[Rake-devel] Rake 0.6.0 Released

Daniel Berger djberg96 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 5 22:12:41 EDT 2005

--- Jim Weirich <jim at weirichhouse.org> wrote:

> = Rake 0.6.0 Released

Hi Jim,

Glad to hear 0.6.0 is out!  A couple of

* In the README file include instructions for how to
run the test suite (for those of us installing from
scratch instead of gems).  If there are already
instructions somewhere, I didn't see them.

* Wasn't there a "test_all.rb" file, or something
similar, that would run all the tests?  What happened
to it?

* The $LOAD_PATH of the tests should be modified to
ensure that they're testing against the current
release, not an already-installed released.  See
for what I mean.



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