[Rake-devel] gempackagetask.rb small patch

Masao Mutoh mutoh at highway.ne.jp
Sun Sep 4 02:27:38 EDT 2005


I noticed Rake::GemPackageTask failes when
Gem::Platform was set to the value such as
Gem::Platform::CURRENT, WIN32.

Here is the smallest Rakefile to reproduce this problem.
require 'rubygems'
require 'rake'
require 'rake/packagetask'
require 'rake/gempackagetask'

spec = Gem::Specification.new do |s|
  s.name = 'sample'
  s.version = "1.0.0"
  s.summary = 'sample'
  s.platform = Gem::Platform::CURRENT

Rake::GemPackageTask.new(spec) do |p|
  p.gem_spec = spec
  p.need_tar_gz = false
  p.need_zip = false

The result ws:
rake package
(in /home/mutoh/sample)
  Successfully built RubyGem
  Name: sample
  Version: 1.0.0
  File: sample-1.0.0-i686-linux.gem
mv sample-1.0.0.gem pkg/sample-1.0.0.gem
rake aborted!
No such file or directory - sample-1.0.0.gem

Attached patch fixes this problem.


.:% Masao Mutoh<mutoh at highway.ne.jp>
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