[Rake-devel] Multiple Rakefile build

Leon Yeh leon at newavenue.net
Sat Dec 3 10:28:23 EST 2005

Thank you Patrick, I am still interested on the code snippet.

Since some of my data migration coming from mainframe data file and 
complex business rules required, I can not use RoR ActiveRecord migration.
Also the data migration process that I am currently work on, can be 
potential big build, although I am sure is not  as big as the project 
that you mentioned.
Additionally, we have also many people working on writing the build at 
the same time.

Jim,  I am too new to  Rake,  would you mind  give a  little code 
exampled on what you described in your previous email as
"you don't have to put the entire dependency graph in a single Rakefile. 
You can distribute it across your subdirectories and just
require the fragments as you need. Then everything runs in a single rake 
process and rake handles all necessary builds."

Jim, Thank you for pointing out the paper, I will study the paper today.

I wanted to get it right the first time,since changing  the way the 
build structure in the middle of project would be very costly.
I am considering both approaches for my project data migration build. At 
this point, I am slightly prefer multiple rakefiles approach.

Best regards,
Leon Yeh

Patrick Bennett wrote:

>Leon Yeh wrote:
>>Hi Patrick, thanks for the information. Do you mind to cut and paste 
>>your code ? so can I learn from it and patch my rake.rb.
>>Thank you
>>Leon Yeh
>Sure, if you're still interested I can send you a snippet.
>Patrick Bennett

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