[Rake-devel] RE: Rules in Rake

Link, Claudius cla at zuehlke.com
Fri Sep 3 03:18:54 EDT 2004

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> The most obvious question is: Do you have a test2.c file available.
That's it!!!

I was completely unaware that rules were file based.

I was expecting something like
if no target exist check the rules in the order of the definition,
if a expression matches, calculate the dependencies (and execute 
if necessary (no rules synthesised here)),
do as tolled in the block.

I think this was wishful thinking as I was trying to apply it 
to none file based tasks.
Also I think rule can be extended for this it would be hard to
implement a way to determine the rules doesn't need to be executed
at all (not to run the second time could be simply done by 
internally creating a task).

> BTW, the "require 'rake'" isn't strictly required in a 
> rakefile.  Since
> the rake program runs it, the rake libarary is alread loaded.


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