[Rake-devel] Re: Rakefile under Cygwin: permission denied

Jim Menard jimm at io.com
Mon Jun 14 13:17:54 EDT 2004

nobu.nokada at softhome.net writes:
> Hi,
> At Mon, 14 Jun 2004 22:32:13 +0900,
> Jim Menard wrote in [ruby-talk:103498]:
> > Actually, what's failing is deep inside rake. Its "timestamp" method calls
> > 
> > 	File.new(name.to_s).mtime
> Why it's not
>   File.mtime(name)
> or
>   File.open(name){|f| f.mtime}
> ?

I don't know why. File.mtime(name.to_s) works.

I've CC'd rake-devel. Consider this a change request: Please change the
implementation of timestamp to be


because under XP, the current implementation


fails if name already exists due to a "ERRNO::EACCESS: Permission denied"

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