[Rake-devel] Quick Fix for windows users

Pierre Baillet oct at zoy.org
Tue Jun 8 16:18:39 EDT 2004


I ran rake from my windows command line today for the first time.
Found one error, in lib/rake.rb:
in class FileTask, method timestamp. I think one should read:

def timestamp

As what it seems to do is to pick up the timestamp of a given folder
(file sometimes ?)

The original File.new probably tries to create a file which on Windows
XP Pro (at least) gives a pretty permission error.

Moreover the RubyGem I installed on my box has a bug in the rake.cmd
that is generated. One should read "ruby whateverpathtoruby/bin/gem
%1..." instead of the failing "ruby gem %1...."

I suppose this is rather a problem related to rubygem...

Pierre Baillet
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