[Rake-devel] hello

Shasckaw shasckaw at skynet.be
Tue Feb 3 03:15:08 EST 2004

I must tell that I'm interested.
Please, make your suggestions! :)


Jim Weirich wrote:

> Martin DeMello wrote:
>> Between jobs, thought I'd use the free time productively and get 
>> involved in
>> rake development :) My 'make' experience has been pretty basic; I've 
>> a bit more
>> experience with ant. Which is rake aiming to be closer to?
> Hi Martin.
> My view on Rake is that it is somewhere between Make and Ant. Make is 
> great for fine grain dependencies and easy one-off scripting of 
> actions, with the downside that Makefile are usually very system 
> dependent. Ant is great for well understood tasks that can be provided 
> in a task library, but its downside is that stepping outside of those 
> predefined tasks requires a quantum jump in understanding (for 
> example, you enter the realm of Java programming rather than Ant 
> scripting).
> Neither Ant nor Make are very good for tasks that require more than 
> simple declarative scripts.
> I see Rake spanning the chasm between Make and Ant. Rake can easily do 
> fine grain dependencies with ad-hoc actions. Yet because we script in 
> Ruby, we don't give up platform independence (assuming we take 
> reasonable precautions). And because Ruby is a high level language, it 
> is easy to provide high-level ant-like tasks without leaving our 
> language of choice.
> What are you interested in working on? I can make suggestions if you 
> like.
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