[Rake-devel] Introduction, and a sample (complex) rakefile

Kevin Smith wxruby at qualitycode.com
Fri Apr 9 00:49:28 EDT 2004

Greetings all,

I have been playing with (and enjoying) rake for a couple weeks now. I 
have *always* hated make, and have not grown fond of ANT, so rake is a 
breath of fresh air. It helps that I love ruby, of course.

I'm sort of creating my own idioms as I go, and would be interested to 
share knowlege with other people creating rakefiles. If you have any 
rakefiles that you can share, please let us know how we can get them.

My rakefile is for wxruby-swig, an experimental re-implementation of 
wxRuby using SWIG. The rakefile has to handle swig->cpp (plus some 
post-processing of the .cpp files), as well as the normal cpp->o 
compilation and o->so linking.

The project is cross-platform (Linux, MinGW, VC++, and Mac OS X) so it 
has been interesting trying to match the functionality that used to be 
in our extconf.rb in a rakefile.

Anyway, you can view the current version of the rakefile here:

As you can see, I split the "icky" parts out to rakewx.rb, and also 
pulled the platform-specific parts into one .rb file per platform.

I am very interested in suggestions or feedback about how I am using 
rake, positive or negative.



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