[Rake-devel] Suggestion regarding packaging

Gavin Sinclair gsinclair at soyabean.com.au
Sun Nov 30 23:41:42 EST 2003

If Rake is creating a package file that already exists, can it remove
the file before it begins?

My TGZ file is building fine, but my ZIP file errors out occasionally
(it would be nice if it were consistent).  Here's the end of the
output from the latest crash:


updating: ruby-doc-stdlib-0.7.3/stdlib/stdlib-status.css (deflated 62%)
updating: ruby-doc-stdlib-0.7.3/stdlib/stdlib-toc.css (deflated 66%)
updating: ruby-doc-stdlib-0.7.3/stdlib/toc.html (deflated 93%)
        zip warning: new zip file left as: zi002992
zip I/O error: Permission denied

zip error: Could not create output file (was replacing the original zip file)
rake aborted!
Command Failed: [zip -r ruby-doc-stdlib-0.7.3.zip ruby-doc-stdlib-0.7.3]


Interestingly, after the error occurs, the zip file is no longer
there, and thus it works the next time.  The problem is related to
"updating" the zip file instead of "creating" it.

Anyway, some flag to 'zip' might solve the problem instead of deleting


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