[Rake-devel] Hello and Rake licensing

Shasckaw shasckaw at skynet.be
Wed Dec 3 18:49:24 EST 2003

Jim Weirich wrote:

> Shasckaw wrote:
>> Hello everybody! I've recently discovered ruby and I liked it much, 
>> I've recently discovered rake, used it some and I liked it too.
> Thanks for the feedback.

I used it on win98 with mingw, for a little program one of my friend 
made with the SDL lib.
Simultaneously efficient and easy alternatives to make for such a 
context are not numerous.
Ant is too java centered and aap has a too weird syntax and mechanisms 
for me.
I've already tried Scons ( http://www.scons.org ), it's a big piece, do 
a lot of work alone, but its "sconstruct" are python scripts and even if 
I like python, I'm not at ease with it. And there's a bug with win98 the 
devs don't bother a lot to fix, even after the work I've done to find 
from where it comes, because they simply don't support win98. Too bad.


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