How to manage growing memory with Rainbows!

Claudio Poli claudio at
Tue Feb 12 04:19:54 UTC 2013

Hello people,
I've recently came across the which works wonders with Unicorn, however I'm considering to switching back to Rainbows! + Threadpool.

My only concern is the growing memory, as we know Ruby does not really do a good job at it (at least for me, even with all the tweaks in the world) and I need to find a good way to kill a process and restart since we are running in a memory-constrained environment.

What are you using currently? Monit, OobGC? The good thing about the gem above is that it will kill the Unicorn worker only after the last requests has been performed and with easy adjustable thresholds.

Can you point me into the right direction here? Thanks!

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