negative timeout in Rainbows::Fiber::Base

Lin Jen-Shin (godfat) godfat at
Wed Oct 31 00:14:32 UTC 2012

On Sat, Sep 29, 2012 at 3:24 AM, Eric Wong <normalperson at> wrote:

Ouch, it's already been one month? Sorry that I guess I don't have time to
investigate this further recently. The conference is coming soon, I need to
prepare the talk and I also need to work on other things. I promise I would
come back to give some conclusions after things are settled. (e.g. after
the talk is done or if it is well prepared)

One thing might worth some words though. I just realized that in Heroku's
new architecture, the cedar stack, actually all requests won't be passed
through Nginx! But there are exceptions. If we don't CNAME our domain
to Heroku, but use A record to point to their IPs, then requests *would*
be passed through both Nginx and Varnish.

I guess that explains why sometimes it made me feel this way and that
way, because I thought they were the same, and I don't remember which
is which. The end result is that I was very confused. I'll review my posts
and clues with this new clue next time when I do the investigation again...

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