Is there a good example of setting up rainbows as a comet server?

Eric Wong normalperson at
Thu May 17 00:31:20 UTC 2012

Jason Kenney <bloodycelt at> wrote:
> Someone on stackoverflow suggested using rainbows instead of
> juggernaut/node.js for sending push notifications via comet.  But I
> can't seem to find anything about setting something up like that.

I don't pay attention to the JavaScript side of Comet, but the
Raindrops::Watcher application uses infinite HTTP streaming.

It's running here:

It's all packaged in the raindrops repo (zbatery is interchangeable with
rainbows in the configs here:)

  git clone git://
  cd raindrops/examples/

You can run "curl"
in one terminal and run the git clone above on a slow connection to
see yourself :)

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