background threads

Eric Wong normalperson at
Mon Jun 18 22:53:24 UTC 2012

Alexandre Riveira <alexandre at> wrote:
> Em 18-06-2012 22:42, Eric Wong escreveu:
> >If you only want one background thread for all workers, it
> >probably is best to just use a separate daemon independent of the
> >Rainbows! server.
> I want only one worker to run a background thread. I would like to
> ensure that only one worker thread will be in the background. Sure
> ... using rainbows :)

It's a bad idea, I think...

You can use process-shared locks Ruby provides File#flock.
It's also possible to get fcntl()-based locking to work with pack().

Maybe there's extensions to share locks with multiple processes
(e.g. POSIX semaphores, database-based locks in Redis/MySQL/Postgres).

...Or even use a really ugly method of using TCPServer to bind to a
pre-determined port (and bailing on Errno::EADDRINUSE) (no need to
accept connections on the TCPServer, just keep the object around
so it doesn't get close(2)-ed on GC.

But really, I think this type of background thread is a bad idea
for Rainbows! (or any HTTP server).

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