background threads

Eric Wong normalperson at
Mon Jun 18 22:42:45 UTC 2012

Alexandre Riveira <alexandre at> wrote:
> Em 18-06-2012 21:55, Eric Wong escreveu:
> >So for background threads, I prefer to start it in the app stack
> >on the first request (use a mutex to protect against double-starts).
> >For rails, you can probably do it in a before_filter.
> Eric, how do you ensure the application does not create a thread for
> each worker

In the Raindrops::Watcher case, I don't.  Watcher works as a single
process and doesn't need/care about multiple background threads.

If you only want one background thread for all workers, it probably is
best to just use a separate daemon independent of the Rainbows! server.

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