negative timeout in Rainbows::Fiber::Base

Eric Wong normalperson at
Tue Dec 18 19:19:43 UTC 2012

"Lin Jen-Shin (godfat)" <godfat at> wrote:
> Thank you again for the helps.  Since the conference (
> had ended, I got much more time to work with this now.

No problem!

> I didn't try this middleware because now I feel it might be the problem
> in their application, given that it used a ton of gems which might have
> some thread-safety issues.  On the other hand, the person who asked
> me about this telling me that it's fine to run Rainbows! with EventMachine,
> but not with ThreadPool.  So it is very likely that it's their issues.

They probably a thread-safety issue.  I've used ThreadPool/Spawn heavily
myself (much more than EM) with great success.  (I always verify any
gems I use are thread-safe)

> As for the issue on my own last time, since it only happened on an
> application which we no longer run, and Rainbows! (Zbatery) runs
> totally fine on our true production side, I would guess it's a Heroku
> issue at that time and it might have been fixed already?

*shrug*  Maybe check with Heroku changelogs/news releases if they
publish those.

> As a result, I want to ignore this issue from now on, and move forward.
> I'll send a patch which contains the concurrency models we use on the
> production site later in a new thread.  Also I might start trying to implement
> a new concurrency model based on celluloid-io which I believe the API
> would be similar to, thus might not be hard to implement.
> Hope we could get there soon :)

Alright, looking forward to it.  I was hoping to look at celluloid-io
myself last week, but got sidetracked by something else

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