algoritim schedule from linux nptl

Alexandre Riveira alexandre at
Thu Jun 9 10:42:25 EDT 2011

Hi Eric !
When  I  referred  to  has decreased  from 12 to 3  seconds there  was  the  report  itself,
but  the other  requests  made ​​at  the same  time the  report is  generated

Tanks Alexandre Riveira

In such cases, when a large report is generated using 100% of processing
other requests are waiting in cases of multiple simultaneous requests
however small the simultaneity is normal

Got a decrease in time using a kernel with ck patch (https: / / in the order of 12 seconds
down to 3 seconds but this is not ideal.


How fast is the large report generation if there's only one simultaneous
request?  That's the fastest it'll ever be unless you optimize
the report generation code itself (and not the scheduling/concurrency).

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