problem with rainbows 3.2.0 and rbx

Eric Wong normalperson at
Sat Apr 30 13:14:28 EDT 2011

Mike Perham <mperham at> wrote:
> I just used my OSX system ruby and gems (had to update rubygems to use
> bundler), same result:


1) Is "preload_app true"?
2) your app uses Bundler?

Try adding "rainbows" to your Gemfile and try runing with "bundle exec
rainbows" instead of "rainbows".  "preload_app true" probably loads
bundler in your case and causes Rainbows! require paths to be nuked.

Rainbows! has to lazy load some of its internals in the worker process
to allow SIGHUP to be used to switch concurrency models.

Eric Wong

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