defaulting all concurrency models to 50 connections?

Eric Wong normalperson at
Mon Apr 25 19:40:44 EDT 2011

I figure the defaults for Rainbows! sucks badly for everyone anyways,
maybe it's just easier to make ThreadPool, ThreadSpawn,
WriterThreadPool, and WriterThreadSpawn use the same defaults as
everyone else.  It'd still suck, but at least it'd suck more
consistently :)

I suspect people are most likely to be quietly experimenting with
ThreadSpawn/ThreadPool since they're the most conservative of the
available options (besides Base), but is anybody relying on the low (30,
20 respectively) defaults?

(You don't have to say where you're testing/experimenting with it and I
don't care if you use a fake name or not)

I'm not sure about the cost of native threads on other platforms, but
NPTL on Linux is pretty cheap with MRI 1.9, especially if you're on

Eric Wong

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