Zbatery/Rainbows keepalive problem?

Eric Wong normalperson at yhbt.net
Wed Nov 24 16:17:15 EST 2010

Jake Douglas <jakecdouglas at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am using zbatery with ThreadPool and just upgraded to 0.5.0, which
> subsequently upgraded rainbows to 2.0.0 and unicorn to 3.0.0. My
> browser(s) now hangs for a while during each request. I noticed some
> discussion about keep alive in the changelog. Putting
> "keepalive_timeout 0" in the rainbows configuration fixes it. Am I
> doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Are you setting a Content-Length or Transfer-Encoding in your app?

You can add Rack::Chunked and Rack::ContentLength middlewares to your
config (some frameworks like Rails already do this, I think).

Which versions of Zbatery/Rainbows!/Unicorn were you using before which
exhibited this?  Rainbows!/Zbatery has supported keepalive for some time
and none of the three servers ever included
Rack::Chunked/Rack::ContentLength in its middleware stack by default.

Eric Wong

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