upcoming env['rack.input'] improvements

Eric Wong normalperson at yhbt.net
Fri Nov 12 19:29:17 EST 2010

Hello all,

The next versions of Unicorn and Rainbows! will support intentionally
violating the Rack 1.x spec and allowing non-rewindable input bodies
by setting:

  rewindable_input false

  (config directive name not finalized, feedback appreciated)

in the Unicorn/Rainbows! config file.  This will allow applications to
handle larger, streamed requests without worrying about disk/memory
usage at all.  For Rack 1.x conformance, this rewindable_input directive
true by default (but will probably be off with Rack 2.x).

Rainbows! will also support HTTP/1.1 keepalive for requests with a body,
but only if the body (and trailers) are fully consumed by the

The implementation of Unicorn::TeeInput is also simplified and based on
Unicorn::StreamInput.  However there is one minor regression to TeeInput
made in the interest of simplicity that will not noticeable to most
users: calling env['rack.input'].rewind causes the entire request to be
buffered if any data has previously been read off env['rack.input'].

Evented concurrency options (e.g: :Rev and :EventMachine) continue to
buffer the entire body in the existing way, and are unaffected by any
of these changes (except keepalive will always function).

Eric Wong

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