impromptu Rainbows!/Zbatery user survey

Eric Wong normalperson at
Wed Jun 16 15:08:35 EDT 2010

Eric Wong <normalperson at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Since Rainbows! can be configured so many different ways, I'm
> wondering about how (or even if :) people use it in production.

One more question:

* What proxies, if any, run in front?  Either to distribute
  load between machines, handle failover for a dead machine, to serve
  static files, etc...

> Behind the scenes, I've privately helped some folks deploy a few
> production apps using ThreadSpawn (REE 2010.01), FiberSpawn
> (1.9.1-p378), and EventMachine (REE 2010.01).  I can't say more than
> that due to confidentiality issues, but I suspect WEBrick would've been
> more than adequate for those applications :)

_None_ of these are proxied behind nginx.  They only need a load
balancer to distribute load between multiple machines and to handle
failover if a box goes down.

They either use haproxy or a similar, but overpriced black-box[1].  They
either do pass-through (Layer 4, TCP-only) or only buffer (and possibly
rewrite) HTTP headers (Layer 7).  I forget which apps used which, but
Rainbows! works great in all of those configurations.

[1] not my decision to use it, of course :)

Eric Wong

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