Sunshowers status

Eric Wong normalperson at
Thu Dec 30 23:15:16 EST 2010

Robert Olivier <rjolivier at> wrote:
> I was working with sunshowers today and found that it hasn't been  
> updated to the latest protocol spec and isnt' working with safari 5 /  
> chrome due to a malformed server handshake.
> Is anyone working on this?  I'm going to try and patch it myself and  
> would like to submit my patch if I get it working.

This project has been stagnant for a while, mainly because I haven't
found much use for it (I barely use a web browser myself).

I'll gladly accept any patches/pull requests you send to update this for
the spec, though I seem to recall some required invasive modifications
to Rainbows!  Let me know what you find, thanks!

Eric Wong

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