deferrable bodies in Rainbows!

Eric Wong normalperson at
Wed Dec 30 05:47:29 EST 2009

Eric Wong <normalperson at> wrote:
> Moving to rainbows list
> James Tucker <jftucker at> wrote:
> > Eric - I had a report from one of the async_sinatra users who tried
> > out rainbows with EM, and found that the API didn't actually line up
> > with what Thin was doing. I really want to devote some more time with
> > this but I've been very busy. Sadly due to this I don't want to say
> > stop, but, well, I want to say please check existing apps against it.
> > I guess could you check async_*.ru from
> >*.ru, as from
> > what was reported, they're not working with the rainbows
> > implementation of the deferrablebody hacks.
> Hi James, thhanks for the heads up.
> Rainbows! doesn't handle deferrable bodies yet (I didn't look closely enough
> the first time around), so it can't do everything Thin does with EM, yet.
> It's already in the TODO, I'll make a mental note to work on it sooner.

Rainbows! 0.90.1 should support deferrable bodies needed for async apps
on EM.

I stole the and examples from Thin and made
them a part of the integration tests (in t/t04??-*.sh).

The app.deferred?(env) isn't supported, yet.  It's in the TODO and I
don't think many people use it... (correct me if I'm wrong).

Eric Wong

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