[ANN] Rainbows! 0.90.1 - EM::Deferrables and quieter Threads

Eric Wong normalperson at yhbt.net
Wed Dec 30 05:34:38 EST 2009

Rainbows! is an HTTP server for sleepy Rack applications.  It is based on
Unicorn, but designed to handle applications that expect long
request/response times and/or slow clients.  For Rack applications not
heavily bound by slow external network dependencies, consider Unicorn
instead as it simpler and easier to debug.

* http://rainbows.rubyforge.org/
* rainbows-talk at rubyforge.org
* git://git.bogomips.org/rainbows.git


This release contains minor bugfixes/compatibility improvements
for ThreadSpawn, ThreadPool and EventMachine users.

Excessive error messages from spurious wakeups using
ThreadSpawn/ThreadPool under most platforms are silenced.  Only
Ruby 1.9 users under Linux were unaffected by this bug.

EventMachine users may now use EM::Deferrable objects in
responses, vastly improving compatibility with existing
async_sinatra apps.

Eric Wong

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