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Sat Dec 26 21:32:53 EST 2009

On 27 Dec 2009, at 02:16, Eric Wong wrote:

> James Tucker <jftucker at> wrote:
> (snip stuff I mostly agree with, pondering some still...)
>> Sorry for yet another rushed reply (starting to feel real bad about
>> that over here) :(
> No worries, at least the message got through.
>> P.S. This S/MIME rejection is really starting to grate me, I'm wishing
>> had the ability to forcibly stop doing that for specific
>> addresses, but their S/MIME support is as embedded as most other
>> clients (for mostly better, and occasionally worse).
> I'll consider allowing signatures if it makes your life easier...

No don't worry, I just need to get used to it :-S

> However I strongly believe the content of messages trumps the identity
> of the sender, and signatures in public correspondence shouldn't matter.

I'd agree if I hadn't had a distasteful person spoof me in the past in an attempt to defame my character. The person in question was reprimanded, but, in that case it was easy to track him down - not that I expect that to happen in this community.

Don't worry about changing anything, I'll stop whining (sorry) :)

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