[ANN] Zbatery - for newer Rainbows!

Eric Wong normalperson at yhbt.net
Tue Dec 22 18:10:25 EST 2009

Zbatery is an HTTP server for Rack applications on systems that either
do not support fork(), or have no memory (nor need) to run the
master/worker model.  It is based on Rainbows! (which is based on
Unicorn (which is based on Mongrel)) and inherits parts of each.
Zbatery supports your choice of all the thread/fiber/event/actor-based
concurrency models and Rack middleware that Rainbows! supports (or will
ever support) in a single process.

Zbatery will still exploit certain features of Unix for transparent
upgrades, log reopening, and graceful stops, but does not rely on them
for basic functionality.

* http://zbatery.bogomip.org/
* rainbows-talk at rubyforge.org
* git://git.bogomips.org/zbatery.git


This gem release allows compatibility with newer versions of
Rainbows!  This also fixes a bug when $stdout is not redirected
to a file.

Eric Wong

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