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Sat Dec 12 21:31:13 EST 2009

All data COMES (Excel format File fully exportable an unlimited usage license). 
WE ACCEPT ALL CREDIT CARDS Euro card cards, as well as other payment methods: 

Complete Physician Database 788,800 doctors available for direct mail 
Physician Email 48,500 (17,441Unique) Physician Fax Database 202,466 
First name* Last name* Title* Specialty* Address (city, state, zip, county)*Medical School 
Attended* Residency Training* Phone/Fax * Email* Website* Primary Specialty* Secondary Specialty* 

==== Package: Cost this WK ONLY $395.00====
*****Also included are the 6 list below***** 
1= 7145 Hospitals*23,000 Administrators with Ph/fax and postal address. No emails (reg: $399) 
2= Licensed Clinic/Dentist 597,959 Total Records*6,494 Emails*6,000 Fax Numbers. (reg: $599) 
3= US Pharmaceutical Company 47,000 employees in high-ranking positions (reg: $299) 
   Executive's Directory Names and email addresses of 
4= Chiropractors*108,421 with phone, 3,414 emails and 6,553 fax numbers. (reg: $399) 
5= Acupuncture Database 23,988 records 1,826 emails (reg: $299) 
6= Alternative Medicine Clinics and Practitioners Database (reg: $699) 
   There are 1,141,602 total records with 29,320 emails and 38.935 fax numbers. 

If you order before This WK you get the Dentist lists listed below to: 
New for this Year: Database of Dentists <> in America <> (Regular price $390) 
192,003 Dentists with City, State, Zip* 189,050 Addresses* 191,033hone Numbers 
95,226 Fax #'s* 51,440 E-Mail Addresses 

+++++++Good until the end of this week+++++++
I can give you any one for $149 or for three $329.00 of the list below

Chiropractors<>Alternative Medicine<>Veterinarians<>Hospitals<>National Health Service Corp Clinics
<>Nursing Homes<> Pharmaceutical Companies<>Physical Therapists<>Acupuncturists<>Hotels 
Criminal Attorneys<>Real Estate Agents<>Massage Therapists<>Medical Equipment Suppliers 
Mental Health Counselors<>Visiting Nurses & RN's<>Optometrists<>Pharmaceutical Companies 
Psychologists<>Building Trades 

send and email to: Nellie at

Good until the end of this week.

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