HTML5 WebSockets

Eric Wong normalperson at
Fri Dec 11 02:48:43 EST 2009

Eric Wong <normalperson at> wrote:
> The new version of Chrome supports Web Sockets, so yes, I'd like to
> confirm that our streaming "rack.input" support works with Web Sockets.

Reading the RFC[1] and the pywebsocket[2], it looks like
Transfer-Encoding: chunked is not used at all.  This means we'll have to
add an extension env instead of using "rack.input".

The good part about this is that we're no longer constrained by the
rewindable stream requirement, so there's no longer any need for
TeeInput nor filesystem I/O...

[1] -
[2] -

> As always, I'm trying to avoid GUI development myself, but may end

Well, pywebsocket includes a command-line example client, so I'll just
develop with that and not have to deal with getting Chrome to run.

Eric Wong

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