[Rails I18n] internationalization options

Chuck R. chuckr2 at velofish.com
Fri Nov 2 16:20:52 EDT 2007


I'm new to ruby and rails. I need support for for localized pages, pages
with multilingual content, international date/time formats, and calendar
and time zone calculations.

Initially, I asked someone on the ICU project
<http://www.icu-project.org/> and they directed me to ICU4R
<http://icu4r.rubyforge.org/>. I thought that this was my solution until
I scrolled down and found this comment:
  "The code is slow and inefficient yet, is still highly experimental,
so can have many security and memory leaks, bugs, inconsistent
documentation, incomplete test suite. Use it at your own risk."

Next, I found this link:

Globalize <http://www.globalize-rails.org/globalize/> looks very
up-to-date and well supported. And every time I ask people about
internationalization options, they seem to either mention Globalize or
say that they don't know.

Is Globalize the most widely used option? Do people on this list
recommend Globalize or other options?

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