[Rails I18n] Rails Engine localization with Ruby-GetText

Ralf Vitasek neongrau at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 09:48:36 EST 2007

Masao Mutoh wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently, some people ask me for the l10n of
> Engines with gettext.
> So I wrote a HOWTO for it.
> http://www.yotabanana.com/hiki/?ruby-gettext-howto-engines
> And I localized login_engine for an example.
> It includes English and Japanese messages.
> http://www.yotabanana.com/hiki/?c=plugin;plugin=attach_download;p=ruby-gettext-howto-engines;file_name=login_engine_v1.0.2.gettext.tar.gz
> HTH,

hello masao-san,

i'm currently trying l10n with gettext and have 2 problems in my 

it looks like "rake updatepo" cannot find messages inside strings like
  output << "<div>#{_('my localized message')}</div>"

is this a bug? do i need a newer version (i'm currently using the 
gettext-1.8.0-mswin32 gem)? or is it just me doing s.th. wrong?

and the second problem is that despite what language i want to enforce 
  GetText.locale = "fr_CH"
(right before init_gettext in the application controller)
it always seems to fall back to the HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE from the 
browser :(

any help would be greatly appreciated!

best regards

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