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Sat Apr 9 23:34:31 EDT 2005

murphy wrote:

> The title is "Why's (ergreifende) Einführung in Ruby".

Great work, my intrepid friend!!  You are, of course, welcome to do as 
you wish.  You make take liberties in the translation, to embellish any 
of the words, and to alter cartoons in anyway you feel would enhance 
your translation.

You are the first to attempt translation.  Which is very brave, since I 
am changing parts of it.  But I will let you know what I change and I 
will try to keep my changes down.  (Most of my changes are code changes.)

Kornelius, I crown you king of the German edition.  If you stick around 
and complete translation with me, I will award you one piece of original 
artwork (a drawing or painting) from the book as thanks.

Rico Gloeckner has also expressed interest in translating to German, one 
year ago.  I hope we will hear from him further.

> - Licenses are not really my hobby...I hope I am allowed to do this?

Don't worry about the license.  The license is there to ensure you all 
have freedom to do whatever you want with the book, even to sell your 
own copies if you want.

> - What do I have to know for my translation? Any special hints or rules?

No.  If you want me to redraw comics with German words, please give me 
translations and I will.

> Chunky! Bacon! ;)
> [murphy]

Chunky bacon!
You are my best friend!  Danka!


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