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Fri May 27 10:00:45 EDT 2005

This gets a little off-topic, I hope you're ok with that.

On 5/26/05, why the lucky stiff <why at> wrote:

> The book I feel is closest to my book is "The Curious Incident of The
> Dog in the Night-time," which interleaves brief math puzzles and
> astronomical diagrams with the story.  

Wow, someone else has read this book. :) I've recommended it to quite
a few people since I've originally read it, but nobody ever cared to
read it. Well, that's their problem, Smotchkkisses...

> And, for that matter, I'm okay if no one actually learns Ruby from the (Poignant) Guide.  

I knew Ruby long before I found the (Poignant) Guide, but I wish I had
found it earlier! It's not that it taught me an awful lot I couldn't
find anywhere else or didn't know before (haven't read the
metaprogramming stuff as of yet though), but it is highly
entertaining, creative and an overall pleasure for the reader. In
short, it's like Ruby itself, with the added bonus of chunky bacon,
wizards and cartoon foxes. What more can one ask for?

> And some who read "The Curious..." may actually become more interested
> in math and may pursue the studies presented by the main character
> simply because they liked the book.

I think it's the same with the (Poignant) Guide. You can either read
it as an entertaining story in itself, no matter if you already have
experience in programming Ruby or not. But I guess a good deal of the
latter crowd may further pursue their studies of the language, if only
to find out what's really up with this secretive Dwemthy guy.

> I have had fun writing it and I plan to continue to write

Please do so! And don't forget about writing code while doing it,
'cause your Redcloth for Ruby is really neat too! :)


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