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Stephen Touset stephen at touset.org
Tue Jun 19 07:59:19 EDT 2007

On Mon, 2007-06-18 at 18:00 -0400, Joseph Method wrote:
> I didn't realize that the mailing list existed. I'll update the link
> on the website to go to the correct mailing list.

I added it only recently. :)

> I assume that these are other tasks I should perform:
> * Upload and link to /slides files (or are these proprietary?)
>  - I'll move these under /html/static since these don't get generated
> by StaticMatic.

Go for it. I'd been meaning to ask you to do this, since I haven't
looked into how to put content on the website yet using that.

> * Link to most recent gem for download, with release number announcement.
> It looks like the examples in the README are out of sync with the svn.

They are. I'll be updating documentation as i go along, but this was
intended as more of a development release, so I didn't spend as much
time on it.

Stephen Touset <stephen at touset.org>
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