[Nitro-repository] Patch applied

gm@navel.gr gm at navel.gr
Sat Jan 28 05:22:02 EST 2006

We have the following extra patches:
Will apply the following patches:
Fri Jan 27 16:17:14 EET 2006  George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>
  * Massive: converted to facets 1.0.1, there may be some problems lurking in the code...
Mon Jan 23 20:21:29 EET 2006  rob at motionpath.com
  * Fix to autoreloader to stop it missing files
Sat Jan 28 12:23:39 EET 2006  George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>
  * Introduced Cache/Drb, Session uses the new generalized caching system, Added drb server helper script to keep all distributed caches/variables in one easy to manage server.
Sat Jan 28 12:31:02 EET 2006  George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>
  * Added temp fix for facets/paramix.rb Replace the gem version if you need to run the current Glycerin version (remember, you need facets 1.0.1).
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Applying patches to the local directories...
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Finished applying...

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