[Nitro-repository] Patch applied

gm@navel.gr gm at navel.gr
Tue Feb 28 07:19:07 EST 2006

We have the following extra patches:
Will apply the following patches:
Tue Feb 28 10:09:08 EET 2006  bryan.a.soto at gmail.com
  * mongrel_adapter_fix
  Works around a bug or incorrect documentation in the Mongrel adaptor. RDocs say it should return a thread, but it currently returns a Fixnum. This is a
  slightly more verbose way of getting the accepting Thread, so it doesn't need
  to be changed later.
Tue Feb 28 14:34:11 EET 2006  George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>
  * Added Og aggregations / calculations. Code like this works automagically: User.min(:age), User.sum(:money, :group => :proffession), User.average(:age) etc. If a :group option is passed Og returns an aggregation.
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