[Nitro-repository] Patch applied

gm@navel.gr gm at navel.gr
Mon Dec 5 08:28:39 EST 2005

We have the following extra patches:
Will apply the following patches:
Sat Dec  3 04:34:28 EET 2005  rainhead at gmail.com
  * Type-o in nitro/ProjectInfo
Mon Dec  5 13:03:47 EET 2005  George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>
  * Executables in ProjectInfo. [trans]
Mon Dec  5 15:25:47 EET 2005  George Moschovitis <gm at navel.gr>
  * Continued work on the new scaffolder, initial support for relation, more cleanups, navigation and more improvements.
diffing dir...
Applying patches to the local directories...
diffing dir...
Finished applying...

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