[Nitro] list of Nitro Powered sites?

* William william.full.moon at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 08:50:42 EDT 2009

Thanks Dan / George.

I got into the new OgDen project but there is a problem with some new
facets, I think.  I will definitely have a look at ramaze<http://ramaze.net/>,
my 'thing' of course is organisational ecology; I'm thinking that a healthy
Ruby community needs 3 or 4 examples of a "web framework"-s.

I am interested to know if there are Nitro powered web sites still.

As an aside, I recommend the March-2008

   - *The Power of Java and Ruby<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfnP-8XbJao>
   * ( * * * * _ )

In there, they have substituted ActiveRecord with scalable hibernate (and it
is faster than Ruby 1.9)

Also for those not looking, NetBeans lets you configure a project to target
-->  Ruby 1.9, Ruby 1.9, JRuby and Groovy from the same nice IDE.  I'm sorry
to say I find Eclipse dysfunctional now (netbeans doesn't do Git yet).

I don't mention this much; this is a good time to comment.  I'm into
knowledge management and sensemaking (some overlap with semantic
computation).  The nice people on the
have instanced
the script language.

That's just "news" for the gang.  Often as not, I'm last to know such
things. :-)

   º http://mbimarketing.wordpress.com
   º http://adroit-process.blogspot.com

2009/3/25 George Moschovitis <george.moschovitis at gmail.com>

> Indeed, I am not working on the public Ruby version of Nitro any more
> (although I am maintaining a heavily customized version used on
> http://www.me.gr)
> However, I am working on a JavaScript version of Nitro:
> www.github.com/gmosx/nitro
> It's at the very early stages (ie it is expected to change a lot) and the
> philosophy is quite different than the old Ruby version.
> If you liked the old version you should indeed check out Ramaze.
> regards,
> George.
> On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 8:15 PM, Dan North <tastapod at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi William.
>> The Nitro world has gone quiet. George stopped actively developing it and
>> the Og ORM was spun off into its own project.
>> Take a look at ramaze <http://ramaze.net/> for a non-rails web stack with
>> a very similar feel to nitro. It plays nice with about every view/template
>> technology and ORM you can think of  - including the sucky ActiveRecord and
>> the lovely Og - and you can be up and running as quick as you can type:
>> require 'ramaze'
>> class MainController < Ramaze::Controller
>>   def index
>>     "hello"
>>   end
>> end
>> Ramaze.start
>> 2009/3/24 * William <william.full.moon at gmail.com>
>>> Hi all...
>>> I've been busy on my researches, and have some time to connect back with
>>> the Og/Nitro gang.  Actually I'd like a nice mature, non-rails ruby bases
>>> web deployment system to generate interest in FOSS development in my local
>>> (geographical) area.
>>> There is no reason to not do Rails, it is a career move for some people I
>>> think.  I tend to thin the Nitro way is 'better'.  I also think that
>>> mono-culture is a poor substitute for thinking.  To mis-use Tolkein, "There
>>> can NOT be only one framework to rule them all".  For me.
>>> I would like some example URI-s for Nitro powered and Nitro derived web
>>> sites that you Know or Own?
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