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Thu Oct 23 20:16:35 EDT 2008

On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 5:58 PM, James Britt <james.britt at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dan North wrote:
>> Hi Chris.
>> I'm probably the last guy in the room - I promised to switch off the
>> lights
>> :)
>> Have you seen ramaze <http://ramaze.net>? It seems inspired by the same
>> values as nitro, and there is a lot of energy behind it at the moment. I
>> would check with trans and george whether your time might be better spent
>> helping out with ramaze (which already considers og a first class ORM
>> along
>> with sequel, datamapper and activerecord).
> While Ramaze is clearly based off ideas in Nitro (if not Nitro itself), I
> don't think it has quite the same approach to pipelining transformations and
> filtering.
> It would be well worth looking at the essential differences between Ramaze
> and Nitro and considering if effort is better spent in adding Nitro aspects
> to Ramaze (either directly or as some sort of plugin).
> If that's not feasible, then having Nitro spring back to life would be
> quite cool.

The core mission of what I'm shooting for with nitro will be published here
by the end of next week.  I will also be bringing in some short term goals,
long term goals and a roadmap for nitro.  I hope this will clear up the
ramaze v/s nitro debate and/or create some discussion as to what options we
have.  If ramaze meets up to what I'm looking for, maybe I will let nitro go
back to sleep.

>> Just a thought, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who wanted to see a life
>> after rails :)
> There's always been life before, during, and after Rails.  Ruby has had
> interesting Web development almost all along.  It just rarely got the
> attention it deserved
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