[Nitro] The future of Nitro, Og and Raw

Dan North tastapod at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 15:07:46 EDT 2008

Hi Chris.

I'm probably the last guy in the room - I promised to switch off the lights

Have you seen ramaze <http://ramaze.net>? It seems inspired by the same
values as nitro, and there is a lot of energy behind it at the moment. I
would check with trans and george whether your time might be better spent
helping out with ramaze (which already considers og a first class ORM along
with sequel, datamapper and activerecord).

Just a thought, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who wanted to see a life
after rails :)


2008/10/23 chris <prpht9 at gmail.com>

> Not sure who all is still listening but I have something to say.
>   As Dan North said a while back.  Nitro is quite feature full and could
> really use some time to settle in with some bug fixes and a really solid
> release.  I may end up taking a stab at this.  Once I got some fixes into
> the Nitro and Raw dependancies and require statements.  A simple "nitro
> hello;cd hello;nitro" works out of the box.  I also converted the entire
> projects to "newgem" projects ( no offense intended ).  The rake build tasks
> in there are excellent and "rake local_deploy" works perfectly.  I have not
> touched Og, it seems to be pretty solid already.  (side note: I think Og
> could stand on it's own two feet as well but if you want me to hold onto it
> for a while I will)
> Fixed Nitro and Raw gemspec dependancies
> Fixed missing "require 'raw/controller'" in raw.rb
> Replaced lib/facets.rb with a gemspec dependancy
> Converted Nitro to a newgem project to capitalize on the rake tasks and
> rubyforge integration
> Converted Raw to a newgem project to capitalize on the rake tasks and
> rubyforge integration
> I think I found some bugs in the admin part, which in my opinion is key to
> getting a new user's feet wet with nitro and og.  I'd like to fix those.
> Massive build up of examples in the rdocs
> Move good examples to the prototype site produced by "nitro project_name"
> Include more details in the actual prototype site code and startup files
> like app.rb and config/debug.rb
> I do not plan to move away from using the current unit testing.  However I
> will create new tests using rspec and rbehave.  They are not mutually
> exclusive
> Get "rake docs" working
> Get "rake website_generate" working
>   With your permission, Trans and George I'm talking to you, I'll put some
> more effort into this and see what I can come up with.  None of my changes
> will mess with the api, my entire goal is stability and usability.  After
> presenting my initial work to you guys, we can decide where you want to go
> from there.
>   Before I forget, Robert Mela, if your out there.  I'd love to get a hold
> of your cheatsheets for inclusion in the actual rdocs.  Looks like your site
> has been reclaimed by the domain goblins.
> Hope to hear from you,
> Chris Scheper
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