[Nitro] The future of Nitro, Og and Raw

chris prpht9 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 11:10:06 EDT 2008

Not sure who all is still listening but I have something to say.

  As Dan North said a while back.  Nitro is quite feature full and could
really use some time to settle in with some bug fixes and a really solid
release.  I may end up taking a stab at this.  Once I got some fixes into
the Nitro and Raw dependancies and require statements.  A simple "nitro
hello;cd hello;nitro" works out of the box.  I also converted the entire
projects to "newgem" projects ( no offense intended ).  The rake build tasks
in there are excellent and "rake local_deploy" works perfectly.  I have not
touched Og, it seems to be pretty solid already.  (side note: I think Og
could stand on it's own two feet as well but if you want me to hold onto it
for a while I will)


Fixed Nitro and Raw gemspec dependancies
Fixed missing "require 'raw/controller'" in raw.rb
Replaced lib/facets.rb with a gemspec dependancy
Converted Nitro to a newgem project to capitalize on the rake tasks and
rubyforge integration
Converted Raw to a newgem project to capitalize on the rake tasks and
rubyforge integration


I think I found some bugs in the admin part, which in my opinion is key to
getting a new user's feet wet with nitro and og.  I'd like to fix those.
Massive build up of examples in the rdocs
Move good examples to the prototype site produced by "nitro project_name"
Include more details in the actual prototype site code and startup files
like app.rb and config/debug.rb
I do not plan to move away from using the current unit testing.  However I
will create new tests using rspec and rbehave.  They are not mutually
Get "rake docs" working
Get "rake website_generate" working

  With your permission, Trans and George I'm talking to you, I'll put some
more effort into this and see what I can come up with.  None of my changes
will mess with the api, my entire goal is stability and usability.  After
presenting my initial work to you guys, we can decide where you want to go
from there.

  Before I forget, Robert Mela, if your out there.  I'd love to get a hold
of your cheatsheets for inclusion in the actual rdocs.  Looks like your site
has been reclaimed by the domain goblins.

Hope to hear from you,
Chris Scheper
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