[Nitro] Some points about continuing Nitro/Og development

trans transfire at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 15:04:08 EST 2008

On Nov 5, 1:16 pm, chris <prp... at gmail.com> wrote:

> > Also, the atom and rss stuff I was working on has been moved to a new
> > project called XDK (XML Development Kit). However, I've pretty much
> > come to the conclusion that this project too isn't really worth the
> > code it is written in. The code itself is fine, but the utility of the
> > project I think is questionable. XDK is basically a  Ruby-based schema
> > dsl that provides a schema-specific parser and builder for any schema
> > one defines in it. Perhaps if there were an XML-Schema to XDK
> > converter it be more interesting, but as it stands it seems easier to
> > just use a generic parser and builder like Nokogiri instead. In any
> > case, the upshot is those libs will need to be refitted.
> Hmmm.  Sounds like I'll have to look into some options for this one.

Probably not a big deal. It's easy enough to generate rss or atom
using a builder.


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