[Nitro] Some points about continuing Nitro/Og development

trans transfire at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 03:25:38 EST 2008

To bring Nitro/Og up to speed, some dependencies need updating.

The Blow project is essentially defunct -- there just wasn't enough
holding that project together to make it worth while. Most of the
libraries that made it up have been moved back into Facets, including
htmlfilter.rb. What is not in there though is the xml/html builder lib
--that code was weak, and there are better solutions out there anyway.
As a replacement for that, I recommend trying Nokogiri. The project
looks tight, and the developer's responsive.

Also, the atom and rss stuff I was working on has been moved to a new
project called XDK (XML Development Kit). However, I've pretty much
come to the conclusion that this project too isn't really worth the
code it is written in. The code itself is fine, but the utility of the
project I think is questionable. XDK is basically a  Ruby-based schema
dsl that provides a schema-specific parser and builder for any schema
one defines in it. Perhaps if there were an XML-Schema to XDK
converter it be more interesting, but as it stands it seems easier to
just use a generic parser and builder like Nokogiri instead. In any
case, the upshot is those libs will need to be refitted.

Also, and I'm not sure how much this will effect Nitro, but for Og,
the Anise library needs to be used in place of the old Facets
annotations.rb. Essentially the same thing, but I spun it off as a
separate project.

No doubt there are other dependency issues to consider, but these I
know need address. I'll let you all know if I think of any more.


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