[Nitro] Multiple nitro apps on 1 vps

Bas Wilbers Bas at baswilbers.nl
Sun Mar 30 09:09:31 EDT 2008


It recently bought a VPS.
It's alfa period will start in a few days.

I want to host nitro on it of course.

but my vps is like loads of cpu power shared with not so many others and
guarantied 512 mb ram. (OS is debain etchy)
I use probably not more then 10% of it.

So maby some of you guys are interested in a nitro host.

I someone tells me how I can configure it correctly then I can offer a few
of you nitro hosting.

So far I think this is a good setup: (please correct if wrong)

   - Mysql as database, for compatibility with php (not that I ever gonna
   use that again ;p)
   - nitro and og version 0.41?? (or is 0.5 better?)
   - pound to set up the virtual hosting.
   - a ftp server (suggestions are welcome) so that controllers and
   model's can be changed etc.
   - maby something like mongrel or lightttd or whatever to speed things

I read about pound here:

I was thinking that I could setup pound to forward the correct domain to the
correct inside application (so you have to have a domain name yourself, or
ask me for subdomain (I have silly domain...))
then just 5 applications or so can run within it  on a different port.
everyone gets his own ftp account with access to his own nitro app folder.

As for rebooting the app, I of course cannot give you access to my ssh
so make I can make some sort of nitro app on which you can log in, which
reboots the other app's (if possible, suggestions welcome)

I hope this is possible to do because I think this is a great way to do
something back to the nitro community, offer free hosting.
you must realise however that I will offer it only for development or small
It have only 100 Gb/month traffic (for more I have to pay...) and 10 GB of
However if you use large amounts of traffic I'm okey with it as long as you
also pay for the bandwidth you use.

So anyone interested?
anyone ideas on how to achieve this?

And btw, isn't there a potential security risk, as you can do some harmful
things from out ruby?
I don't want to keep me own nitro app online and maby some other small
things I'm gonna host as well. ?

Anyways I must say that I will pick the ones who want free nitro hosting
myself and will of course give priority to active nitro contributors.

Greetings Bas
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